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EF 1 Voting System

Just like Quake 3 EF does utilize a voting system, which allows players to call votes for game type, maps and kicking players. This does however require the server to allow that. Especially when using a map cycle, it is recommended to not allow voting, as after a map vote, the map cycle will not continue on its own.

To activate voting on the server, set g_allowvote to 1, which is the default.

After that, the principle is always the same. callvote [command] calls for a vote, whereas [command] can be one of the following list:

  • map_restart: either restart the current map without new loading, or (if a previous vote or map cycle set it) load the next map.
  • nextmap: Sets the next map. When the current round is finished, the map set by this command will be started.
  • map [mapname]: Switches directly to the map given by [mapname].
  • kick [playername]: Asks whether the player with the nick defined by [playername] should be kicked from the server.
  • clientkick [number]: Same as kick, just this time with the players number [number]. To get the number of a player, use /serverstatus.
  • g_gametype [number]: Switch the game type, e. g. from DM to CTF. The change will take effect only after a changing the current map. See also section Game Types on this subject.

All changes will only take effect, when there were at least 50% of the participants voting for yes. The player calling the vote counts as a vote as well. In order to vote, you have to use the command vote, followed either by yes or no. By default, vote yes is bound to F1 while vote no is bound to F2.

If you are playing with no other human players on a server (so alone or only bot players besides you), then votes are always passed. While the score board is shown between maps (intermission), votes cannot be called for.

Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force

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