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Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Recommendations and Achievements

In EF there are various achievements that can be accomplished. Some of these are already displayed during the game, others are only announced at the end of the match. Here is a complete list of these achievements:

During the match

Symbol Title Description
First Strike Who takes the first frag
Impressive With the [#I-Mod] or the [#Phase Compression Rifle] two hits with the alternative mode (sniper) in a row or simultaneously.
Excellent Two frags within a very short time.
Ace 5 frags without being fragged yourself.
Expert 10 frags without being fragged yourself.
Master 15 frags without being fragged yourself.
Champion 20 frags without being fragged yourself.
- Denied An opponent grabs an item directly before you reach it.

After the match

Symbol Title Description
Efficiency 50% accuracy during the match
Sharpshooter At least five times “Excellent”
Untouchable Not being fragged a single time
Logistics Collect a lot of items
Tactician Achieve at least one frag with every available weapon
Demolitionist A lot of explosive weapons frags.

After CTF matches

Symbol Title Description
MVP (“Most valuable Player”) The player who scored the most points for the team.
Defender The one who shot down the opponent most often when carrying his own flag.
Interceptor The player who returned his own flag the most.
Warrior The player with the most frags.
Carrier The one who delivered the enemies flag most often.
Bravery The player most frequently fragged.

Section 31

 There is, based on existing graphics and sounds, another recommendation, namely “Section 31”. However, this is designed in the code in such a way that it can never be displayed. Based on the commented lines here (function CalculateSection31Award) it probably requires the following things at the same time:

  • At least 75% accuracy,
  • Untouchable,
  • Champion and
  • Sharpshooter.

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